When God Steps In

The Amazing Story of the Acre Gospel Mission

Surprising, astonishing, and amazing are only a few of the adjectives that describe the sixty-five years of Acre Gospel Mission. This is an account of how God used ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Here is the story of God stepping into many perplexing circumstances and turning tragedy and tears into triumph, using sacrifice and suffering to bring about striking success and the selfless giving of material substance to result in glorious gain for the Kingdom of God.

This book traces the devotion of the early pioneers through hardships, the faithful endeavours of dedicated men and women who bravely trusted the Lord in the most adverse situations, and how the love of Christ constrained His servants. They discovered that when God steps in, He never disappoints them. He is too wise to make mistakes, too kind to be cruel, and too faithful to fail or ever go back on His promises.

Although earthly honours have been accorded to some of these missionaries and they find great satisfaction in serving the Lord in needy regions, yet they still keep their eye on the ultimate reward, to hear their Lord say, "Well done good and faithful servant..."

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