A History of Acre Gospel Mission

By Victor Maxwell

Acre International is an evangelical faith mission that was founded in 1937 when William and Margaret McComb and Mollie Harvey, challenged by the great spiritual needs of the people, went to the remote region of the Acre in Northwest Brazil. It was not their intention to form another mission agency, but with the outbreak of World War II, it was impossible to transfer funds to individuals in Brazil. Supporting friends at home made the decision to register them as “Acre Gospel Mission” to facilitate their financial support.

After the McCombs arrived home from Brazil in 1946 their health did not allow them to return to the Acre. Mollie Harvey faced the challenge to go back to the Acre alone.  Soon other missionaries followed her until there were twenty-five missionaries of Acre Gospel Mission were serving God all over the states of Amazonas and Acre. They were engaged in pioneer evangelism, church planting ministry, leadership training, medical assistance and educational and school programmes. The work was demanding and great sacrifices were made. However, God richly blessed that work.

Besides establishing many churches in Amazonas and Acre, the missionaries also opened a work in the distant Northeast Brazil. The evidence of God’s blessing on these ministries established by foreign missionaries is that they are now fully in the hands and under the leadership of Brazilians, many of whom are supported by Acre International.

Acre International also began their church-planting ministry in the Alentejo region of Portugal in 1984. That church ministry continues and has expanded to camps and outreach in the Algarve. Acre International has been ministering in the Canary Islands for over thirty years and at present they are maintaining a Gospel witness with their missionaries in Lanzarote.

For eighty years God has provided for the needs of his servants and we are grateful for His faithfulness.  We are also grateful for the friends who stand by the Mission’s work by prayer and financial support.

The Apostle Paul rested on the promises of God, was confident of the power of the Gospel, and was grateful for the support of God’s people. That is where we stand today.

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