“​May the good hand of the Lord always be upon us”

Ezra 7:6

My name is ​Moisés Fernandes de Araujo, I am 53 years old, married to Maria Zélia and we have two daughters Aline Kely, 18 years old, and Alane Cristine, 12 years old. I have been serving the Lord by pastoring the Ebenezer de João Câmara Regular Baptist Church, since October 15, 2022.

I was born into a Christian home and as a child, my parents would take me to church meetings, but I had no commitment to the gospel, I wasn't saved. It wasn't until adulthood that I received Christ as my personal saviour. I had been iving in a way that displeased God, but one day the Lord, by His grace, saved me and delivered me from the mire of sin.

For some years I had been working at the IEBRM (Regular Evangelical Baptist Church of Macau), actively serving in various ministries such as evangelism, couples ministry, worship direction and deacon. Although I served willingly and joyfully, I recognised that it was necessary to prepare myself for theological studies in order to better work in the Lord's work. It was then that, at the end of 2012, I talked to my family and the pastor of the church about the desire to go to the seminary from 2013 onwards. The Pastor wisely suggested that during the year 2013, instead of going to the seminary, I should be at the head of a congregation belonging to the IEBRM, and at the end of the year my name should be presented to the church as a candidate to join the SIBB (Berean Seminary and Baptist Institute). I readily accepted the pastor's suggestion and in early 2013 began to lead the congregation.

My time at the head of the congregation lasted a little over a month. At this point in the journey, a major obstacle arose preventing me from continuing to lead the congregation. I received a diagnosis of blood cancer (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). Chemotherapy treatment began in March 2013 and ended in September 2013 with the diagnosis of complete remission. Despite the immense difficulties and inconveniences inherent in chemotherapy treatment, during this period, by God's grace, our trust in the Lord and the desire to serve in his work did not wane.

At the end of 2013, the IEBRM unanimously decided to send me to study at SIBB (2014-2017). From January 2018 to October 2002 we pastored the Regular Baptist Church of Carnaubais.

In João Câmara, IBRE's schedule works as follows: Wednesday (prayer service); Sabbath (Bible School); Sunday (worship service), the women's society meets once a month. During the week we carry out visits and evangelism in the homes. Starting in March 2024, we will begin open-air worship in the homes of the brothers. We have a project to build an annex in the church suitable for working with children (children's ministry).

We thank God immensely for the support of MEA and the Acre International mission, and we pray for the lives of all the brothers who have contributed to our ministry, both financially and prayerfully.

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