“No one​ even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Matthew 20:28

Through the grace obtained, I received the opportunity to serve the Lord as a pastor together with my beloved wife Ana Cristina and our children Caleb (16 years old) and Ana Elita (3 years old). We serve the Lord in the Evangelical Baptist Church, in Serra do Doutor and Maxixe, mission field of the Baptist Church of Campo Redondo-RN, under the responsibility of Pastor Iranildo.

We have been in this congregation for a year and a half with a missionary and pastoral vision at the invitation of Pastor Iranildo, and we have been living in the community for three months, still in the process of developing friendships to offer Bible studies. I am a barber and I use the profession to get closer to the community.

At the moment we do outdoor services, in the homes of the brothers, visits, Bible studies, meeting of couples, as well as developing the teaching with the creation of our Bible School aiming at a strong Church in the Word of God.
I am fifty years old, I was converted at the age of ten and from an early age I was involved in the Lord's work. My wife is forty-eight years old , she was converted at the age of seventeen and we married in 2001, and we made a commitment to dedicate our lives to the Lord's work.

We are children of the faith of the fundamentalist Baptist Church of Currais Novos – RN, three times to take over this beloved Church in pastoral absence, I praise God for this opportunity. Today I am completing my theology degree at Charles Spurgeon Seminary, a seminary located in the capital city of Fortaleza – CE. In 1996 I enrolled in an Intensive Bible course at the Baptist Seminary of Cariri (Juazeiro – CE).

Our prayer is for courage and wisdom, for our children, that the Lord will grant us the privilege of winning souls for the Kingdom of Christ.

We praise God for the opportunity to serve the Lord with the Acre mission, we have been greatly blessed. May God continue to bless you, we praise God for your love and care for God's servants who are in the mission field.

"He who does not live to serve, does not serve to live" (author unknown).

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